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Article Four of the Foundation Articles of Incorporation provides: The purpose or purposes for which the Foundation is organized are educational and charitable, and to that end the corporation is formed to sponsor and encourage research, publications, institutes and forums for the furtherance of justice under the law; to establish scholarships and otherwise promote the study of law and research therein and the continuing education of lawyers; to institute and maintain legal aid facilities for the indigent; to preserve historical structures, display historical memorabilia and conduct historical observances; and to accept aid, donations and grants from government and private sources, provided, however, that no part of the funds or net earnings of the corporation will be expended for investigation or prosecution of grievances against members of the State Bar of Texas or other attorneys or for the purpose of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

Pursuant to the above Purpose Clause, the Dallas Bar Foundation gives grants in the following categories:

    1. law related research, publications, and forums for the furtherance of justice;
    2. law related scholarships and education;
    3. charitable and legal aid for the indigent;
    4. historical preservation and observances.